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However following his death in the comics it didn t spell the end for the character. In both the comic and amazon television series lamplighter played by shawn ashmore meet their end.

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Lamplighter is a minor antagonist of the controversial adult comic book series the boys.

Lamplighter comic death. However the two soon see news of starlight having been imprisoned on tv which leads them to try and rescue her from seven tower. Lamplighter s story is an undeniably tragic one yet while viewers may feel for him a sense of remorse doesn t absolve him of his past sins. While lamplighter has agreed to testify against vought the former member of the seven is quite despondent resolving himself to watch a ton of porn in the time he has left until he dies.

Instead lamplighter was brought back from the dead via resurrection and transformed into a full fledged monster by vought. While both versions of the character are responsible for the mallory s grandchildren s deaths his own demise is quite different in the two mediums. The boys season 2 showrunner regrets spoiler s tragic death.

He was the original member of the seven that was created by vought american. He served as the former enemy against the boys during the time mallory was in charge he was also responsible for the group being active in secret after being beaten and then shot in the head by mallory. Lamplighter grows tired of it and briefly comes an associate member of the boys in an.

After all while lamplighter didn t mean to attack mallory s grandchildren he d still gone to her home with the intention of killing her.

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