Install Lamp Ubuntu 16 04 Php 5 6

Install php 5 6 on ubuntu use the following set of commands to enable ppa for php 5 6 in your ubuntu system and install php 5 6. This is a one working script for those are struggling to install magento 1 9 in ubuntu 16 04 or any other latest versions of ubuntu.

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Let s begin the installation of lamp stack your ubuntu machine.

Install lamp ubuntu 16 04 php 5 6. Sudo apt get install package1 package2. Magento 1 9 supports only php 5 6 but php 7 is coming as default in latest ubuntu versions. Php is the component that will process the code to display the content on your site.

Now install php 5 6 php 7 0 using the apt command. Update the repository cache using the following command. Php 5 6 sudo apt get install php libapache2 mod php php mcrypt php mysql php 7 0 apt get y install php7 0 libapache2 mod php7 0.

Sudo apt get install php cli if you want to install more than one module you can do that by listing each one separated by a space following the apt get install command like this. It can run scripts connect to mysql and hand over content. Sudo apt get install y php5 6.

At this point your lamp stack is installed and configured. Create a file called install sh in your server. Verify the php version using the following command.

If php 5 is needed for your application as if it would break in php 7 you maybe should consider not upgrading your server to 16 04 install php 5 5 or 5 6 and all the extensions you need apt get install build essential libaio1 php5 6 dev php pear php5 6 soap php5 6 sybase php5 6 gd php5 6 xdebug php5 6 xml apt get install libapache2 mod php5 6. How to install ubuntu 16 04 lamp server with apache 2 4 php 7 and php 5 6 active php 5 6 instead of php 7 mysql october 3 2016 linux open source no comments initiation. Command sudo apt get update sudo apt get install y software properties common sudo add apt repository ppa ondrej php sudo apt get update sudo apt get install y php5 6 follow me at telegrams.

You must have root or sudo privileged user access to your ubuntu 20 04 system. We should still test out our php though. Login to your ubuntu system using gui for desktop and ssh for the server.

This article will help you to install apache 2 4 mysql 8 0 and php 7 4 on ubuntu 20 04 lts focal fossa system. After running this command select y option 2 then y for the rest of the prompts. Sudo apt get install python software properties sudo add apt repository ppa ondrej php sudo apt get update sudo apt get install y php5 6.

Installs lamp with php 5 6 on ubuntu 16 04. Sudo apt install y php5 6 libapache2 mod php5 6 php5 6 curl php5 6 gd php5 6 mbstring php5 6 mcrypt php5 6 mysql php5 6 xml php5 6 xmlrpc. Install php 5 6 on ubuntu 16 04 debian 9.

Installs lamp with php 5 6 on ubuntu 16 04.

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